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Bill Ward

PENTAX Ambassador Bill Ward is a British actor and photographer, born and raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. His continues to receive awards for his work and has permanent exhibitions in a number of galleries and studios. Bill takes an interest in landscapes whether natural, urban or industrial and enjoys capturing the passing of time in a single photographic frame using long exposures. 

As a photographer, Bill is essentially self-taught, and has been taking photographs since the age of 6.  Constantly in search of peace and quiet, his photography is a response, and in many ways, an antidote to the time he spends as an actor working in the public eye.  He is specifically drawn to water, and has a strong interest in history. Things that were once great, faded glory, a wistfulness for a time when, loom very big on his radar.

Bill has pretty much always shot on Pentax cameras and is currently doing some great stuff for us on the K-1.

See more of Bill's work at: Bill Ward Photography


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